Unit 1:  Night Sky/Ancient Astronomy

   Star and Planet Locator Activity (requires a star dial)

   Night Sky Review Worksheet

   Study Guide

Unit 2: Light/Telescopes

   Student Notes 

   Light/Telescopes Crossword

   Einstein's Big Idea Video Questions

   Light/Telescopes Study Guide

Unit 3: Our Sun/Stellar Formation - Entire Unit Packet

   Student Notes 

   Spectroscopic Parallax Worksheet

   Our Sun Crossword

   3D Solar Model Project   (examples can be found here) (scoring sheet I'll be using)

   HR Diagrams Worksheet

   Our Sun Study Guide

Unit 4: Life Cycles of Stars

   Jewelbox Cluster Activity & Image 

   Death of a Star Worksheet

   Stellar Life Cycles Concept Map

   Stellar Life Cycles Study Guide

Unit 5:  Galaxies/Cosmology

   Coma Cluster Lab

   Cepheid Variable Star Lab

   Hubble's Law Lab

   Galaxies/Cosmology Study Guide

Unit 6:  Spacetime Diagrams/Quantum Mechanics

    Spacetime Diagram Intro

    Spacetime Diagram Solar System Survey

    Spacetime Diagram Tau Ceti Survival

    Study Guide

Unit 7: Life in the Universe

Final Study Guide

Planetary Science

Unit 1: - Entire Unit Packet

   Math Review / Helio vs. Geo centric Solar System Worksheet

   Kepler's Laws Worksheet

   Gravity Worksheet

   Study Guide

Unit 2:  Spectroscopy - Entire Unit Packet

   Taking Apart the Light Lab Packet

   Spectroscopy Crossword

   Light/Spectroscopy Worksheet

Unit 3: Planetary Fundamentals - Entire Unit Packet

   Fundamentals Worksheet

   Phase Diagrams Worksheet   

   Study Guide     

Unit 4: Earth & Moon & Mercury - Entire Unit Packet

   4.5 Billion Year Project Introduction Handout

   Phases of the Moon pretest

   Phases of the Moon Worksheet

   Moon/Mercury Review Worksheet

   Earth/Moon/Mercury Study Guide

Unit 5:  Venus/Mars

   Mars Globe Lab - requires the use of a Mars Globe from the classroom

   Venus/Mars Crossword

   Venus/Mars Study Guide

Unit 6: Outer Moons

Unit 7: Comets/Meteors/Meteor Showers

Unit 8: Extra-Solar Planets 




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