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Course Descriptions

AP Physics - Syllabus

This is a college level course centered around taking the AP exam in May.  Topics Include Newtonian Mechanics, Fluids, Optics/Waves, EM, and Modern Physics.  Students will complete labs and learn how to solve free response problems by using physical formulas.  A high test score at the end of the year will typically earn 5-8 college credits.

Astronomy - Syllabus

The focus of this course is on the features and processes that take place throughout the Universe.  Topics covered will include the night sky, light & telescopes, stars, galaxies, special and general relativity, astrobiology, cosmology, and space exploration.

Planetary Science - Syllabus

The focus of this course is on the features and processes of all planetary bodies in our Universe.  The course will focus on the similarities and differences of other worldly objects as they relate to our Earth.  Topics include the motion of planets, the nature of light, the formation of our solar system, planetary fundamentals (density, magnetic fields, and atmospheres), planets in our solar system and extra-solar planets.

Conceptual Physics - Syllabus

The focus of this course is to get an understanding of the concepts that govern the physical world.  From motion to sound and light to electricity, students will be forced to solve problems and develop effective strategies to understand physics.

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